Human Males Soon To Be Extinct!

25 05 2009

Mara hippos 2 mw

“Excuse me, are you a male? I’m looking for a male. Excuse me…”  (Masai Mara, Kenya)

A researcher has revealed that human males are on the road to extinction. Apparently, the number of genes on the male Y chromosome is slowly fading away and will eventually disappear completely. From a peak of 1,400 genes on each Y chromosome approximately three hundred million years ago, there are now only 45 left. It wasn’t known what would happen once the Y chromosome disappeared entirely – although it was possible that at that point humans would be more inclined to ask for directions.

Unfortunately, the Y chromosome isn’t expected to disappear for another five million years…so my sci-fi fantasy of being amongst the last males on a planet otherwise entirely inhabited by women is still a long way off.

However, this story did lead me to wonder which countries of the world have the highest women to men ratio in their populations (strange how the mind works, isn’t it?). Some people might use statistics like this as criteria for selecting their next holiday destination. Some people are also the most likely to leave the bar alone, and to request a single supplement for Honeymoon trips.

But I’m not judgemental.

So…here we go. The top 10 countries with the highest women to men ratio according to a 2005 United Nations report:


  1. Latvia (1.19 women for every 1 man – not sure what .19 women look like!)
  2. Estona (1.18)
  3. Ukraine (1.18)
  4. Russia (1.16)
  5. Armenia (1.15)
  6. Lesotho (1.15)
  7. Belarus (1.14)
  8. Lithuania (1.14)
  9. Georgia (1.12)
  10. Antigua & Barbuda (1.09)



And for the women, here are the top 10 countries with the highest men to women ratio:


  1. United Arab Emirates (2.12 men for every woman)
  2. Qatar (2.08)
  3. Kuwait (1.49)
  4. Bahrain (1.32)
  5. Oman (1.28)
  6. Saudi Arabia (1.18)
  7. Palau (1.12)
  8. Jordan (1.09)
  9. Samoa (1.09)
  10. Andorra (1.07)


Forget adventure travel, I think I have found a whole new market! 


Photo and post by: Simon Vaughan © 2009