Meet Our Adventure Blogger


Simon of Arabia…or perhaps just a bad hair day.

Not happy unless wandering, Simon Vaughan’s first adventurous excursion came at age two when he ran away from home after lunch. He only made it as far as the next door neighbour, but the urge to explore has remained with him ever since. While his friends bought cars, Simon kept adding stamps to his passport and has a particular fondness for Africa. He has been chased by elephants, hippos, leopard seals, buffalo and aggressive curio sellers and has managed to sun burn his arm pits and the soles of his feet. Known as ‘bubble boy’ to work colleagues, in addition to entry stamps, Simon has an impressive collection of tropical diseases.

Simon has worked for The Adventure Travel Company/Travel CUTS for eight years.

5 responses

13 04 2008
Bev Gray

Thanks Simon for those wonderful travel insights. May question to you is – Are there still tours going to Antartica since the sinking of the ship? Thanks.

16 04 2008
Megan Hassett

Your photos are absolutely brilliant … no wonder you tab them with that little circled “c”!!!

16 11 2008

the photos was greats! I like the landscape

13 01 2009

Nice blog. Keep it up 😉

30 06 2009
Tammy Chrusch

I love your blog Simon, hope you NEVER stop!

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