April Fool’s Travel Digest

1 04 2009



I don’t consider myself particularly naïve, but when it comes to travel, if something sounds too good to be true…I’ll usually buy two! Whether it’s an incredible deal or an unbelievable adventure, I am generally the first in the queue and the first to slump away with a red face. Besides, whenever she dressed me for school, my Mum always told me that public humiliation and a lifetime of ridicule was good for my character.


One of the following travel stories is true…the rest are just wishful thinking. Spot the real one: 


Hotelicopter to take flight

A Russian-made MiL V-12 helicopter has been converted into the world’s first flying five-star hotel. The 137 ft hotelicopter has 18 luxurious rooms complete with queen beds, jacuzzis and mini-bars “for adrenalin junkies seeking a truly unique and memorable travel experience.” The first scheduled flight is set to take place on June 26th from New York.


Playboy mansion in Rotorua

The sulphuric scents that emanate from the town of Rotorua in New Zealand’s South Island are such a powerful aphrodisiac that Hugh Hefner plans to build his next Playboy mansion there.


Europcar launches ‘pay as you go’ cars

Europcar is launching “pay as you go” rental cars to help Britons survive the financial downturn. The cars will be fitted with meters that take £1 coins allowing customers to pay by the mile.


Hotel to sell bottled Thames water

The Park Plaza in Westminster has unveiled plans to offer guests natural drinking water from the River Thames as part of an eco-friendly initiative. The hotel, due to open in early 2010, claims that tests showed that 75 per cent of people preferred Thames water to two of the best-selling mineral water brands.


Haggle for fares on Air Asia flights

Passengers can now negotiate the price of their air tickets with the Asia airline. The airline offers advice such as hiding your luggage and “acting like you don’t need a flight’’ to have the best chance of getting a discount.


Concorde to fly again

France’s Museum of Air and Space has announced that Concorde will return to the skies in June for a special flight from Paris on June 16.


Tourism Returns to Iraq

A British adventure travel operator has just completed its first 17-day tour of Iraq. Five British tourists, two Americans and a Canadian participated in the trip, believed to be the first such visit to the country in more than five years. Travelling from Irbil in the north to Basra in the south, highlights included a visit to Babylon, the site of Ur of the Chaldees, the Arch of Ctesiphon and the holy cities of Najaf and Kerbala before ending at the Sheraton in Baghdad. Later this month the same company is taking a group to Afghanistan.




Post by: Simon Vaughan

Photo by: www.hotelicopter.com

True story: Next stop Kabul.



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