Hong Kong Kerfuffle

20 02 2009


We’ve all had days when nothing goes right. The batteries died in the alarm clock and you overslept; your hair was still damp when you sprinted for the bus and ended up drying perfectly vertically like a rooster; you were trapped on the subway with a mysterious ‘tooter’ who believed that “shares in gas” was a positive attribute and not a Financial Times headline; upon arriving at work you discovered a massive stain on your shirt front…and you forgot yesterday’s egg salad sandwich overnight in your desk drawer by the radiator and it now, well, has a character all of its own.  But for all that you remain stoic, overcome the urge to sever an artery with the flap of an envelope and instead focus all of your telepathic abilities to advancing the hands of the clock to 5pm.


However, some things just get the better of some people and for all their efforts to keep their frustrations and disappointments in check, they just have to let go. Travel can be one of those things and often requires a great deal of patience or a good sense of humour…or both.


This lady at Hong Kong airport had evidently forgotten both at home when she was apparently advised she had missed her flight…




Do not try this at home. This is a controlled environment and this woman is a professional.



Post by: Simon Vaughan




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