Should I Stay Or Should I Angola Now?

9 12 2008



Adventure tour operators constantly seek new destinations for intrepid travellers. A new destination may be somewhere that has never been open to commercial tourism before, or somewhere that used to be a popular destination but was made inaccessible for a period by war, disaster or simply government rule. There has always been a certain cache amongst voyageurs to be amongst the first to visit or return to a new destination. A few years ago, Mozambique would have fallen into that category. Not long before that it would have been Zimbabwe, Namibia, Nicaragua or El Salvador.


One country on the threshold of such status is the southern African country of Angola – a country long ravaged by civil war but now enjoying peace and reconstruction. The infrastructure is still rather basic and the tourist facilities almost non-existent, but travellers heading there now get the reward of seeing a beautiful country untrammelled by tourists and inhabited by a warm, friendly and welcoming people.


So, for our first Adventure Blogger poll, we ask:



For more information on visiting Angola, contact your nearest Adventure Travel Company.




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