Travel Photography 101 4.5/18

7 11 2008

Confessions, musings and tips from a snap-happy wanderer



























“If you wait long enough, you’ll see the surfers.” (Wave Rock, Western Australia)


Pick your season!


Before we book our travels, many of us determine the best time to go. We may opt for the season when it’s not at its most ferociously hot or humid, or its coldest or wettest. Or we may time it to coincide with a particular festival, event or migration. Unfortunately, many others do exactly the same thing and you end up with ‘Peak season’ or ‘High season’ when flights, tours and accommodation are most expensive…and the main sites are most over-run with other travellers.


While there are times when you want crowds of people in your photos, you often don’t want the polyester-decked masses in your frame. You can try to miss them by carefully choosing your angle, patiently waiting for a quiet moment…or travelling off-season. The weather might not be quite as good and you may run the risk of leaden-grey skies spoiling your snaps, but your trip will likely cost you less and you’ll be able to capture the sites you’ve travelled so far to see without them being obscured by the crowds.


Photo and post by: Simon Vaughan






One response

7 11 2008
The Drunken Blogger

Just looking at that something told me that it was in Australia b4 I read it. it looks like an ocean wave, hence the name Wave Rock!

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