The Fifth Great Adventure Quiz

6 11 2008

“Call me Cochabamba”                                      (Masai Mara, Kenya)

1) What is the name of the lioness made famous by Joy Adamson?


a) Star

b) Eva

c) Digit

d) Elsa

e) Cara



2) Giovanni Caboto was…


a) The real name of explorer John Cabot

b) Christopher Columbus’ navigator on the Niña

c) The first person to reach the summit of K2

d) The captain of the airship Norge which first flew to the North Pole

e) The Doge of Venice who conquered Zanzibar


3) Cochabamba is…


a)     A large Amazonian cockroach

b)     An annual music festival in California

c)     A spicy Spanish bean dish

d)     A city in central Bolivia

e)     A Mexican term of endearment for a child


4) Which of the following books is set in Colombia?


a) “Getting to Know the General” by Graham Greene

b) “The General in His Labyrinth” by Gabriel García Márquez

c) “The Night Manager” by John Le Carré

d) “Risico” by Ian Fleming

e) “Death in the Afternoon” by Ernest Hemingway


5) Yoruba


a) A mining city in Australia’s Red Centre

b) A lost city of the Aztecs

c) A West African language

d) A Tongan drink of fruit juice and milk

e) An Arabic leather pouch for carrying water



Photo and post by: Simon Vaughan


Answers: 1d, 2a, 3d, 4b, 5c – answer to yesterday’s ‘Spot The Imposter’: Vegas is on the left




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