Travel Photography 101 16.5/18

17 10 2008

Confessions, musings and tips from a snap-happy wanderer. 

“It’s the paparazzi again…every time we head to the beach…”  (Kangaroo Island, Australia)

Always do a background check.


Whenever you are preparing any photograph, always remember to take a look at the background. It’s all too easy to concentrate so much on your subject that you forget to see what’s behind it, but that background can either add depth and appeal to your image, or detract from the subject so much that the reason you took the photo in the first place gets lost.  Also take a moment to determine whether you want the background to be in crisp focus or gently blurred and arrange your equipment and composition accordingly.



Photo and post by: Simon Vaughan




One response

21 10 2008

Hey! Thanks for the tip. Hmm, I think it could have been nice if a little more brightness is added. And for the background, I see your point, but isn’t it better to make it a little clearer?

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