Travel Photography 101 6.5/18

26 09 2008

Confessions, musings and tips from a snap-happy wanderer.

Let your photography be a reflection of yourself.







…or a reflection of things around you. Whether a window, a gleaming metal surface or a mirror, always keep an eye open for an interesting reflection. Once you find a good surface, move around until you find something good to capture in it. Some of the best results come from a juxtaposition of old and new or from two very different materials or structures. But remember to focus on the reflected image and not on the reflecting item itself.











Photo and post by: Simon Vaughan



What a pane!             (Santiago, Chile)




One response

28 09 2008

After leaving Luxor, head back to Sharia al-Karnak and go north towards Karnak. Down the road, near the police station which is near the tomb is the oldest mosque in Luxor, the El-Mekashkesh Mosque. It contains the remains of a 10th century Islamic saint who rumor has it was a monk prior to converting to Islam. The mosque is a popular pilgrimage destination. Here also is the Franciscan Church and its schools, one for boys and the other girls. Beyond this lies a great Coptic basilica. At the Police station, head towards the Nile Corniche. Here, opposite the Mina Palace Hotel you will find the Mummification Museum, which has most anything you would ever want to know about mummifications. From here, head north towards Karnak.

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