Travel Photography 101 14/18

29 08 2008

Confessions, musings and tips from a snap-happy wanderer.

Mr Bean stars in Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’    (Melbourne)

The Art of Photography/The Photography of Art


We so often take for granted street art in our own cities. We may pass something every single day and never stop and properly look at it, even though it’s so often these sculptures, paintings or abstract installations that add a bit of life to the concrete jungles in which we spend so much of our lives. When travelling, don’t overlook the street art wherever you are in the world. Take a moment to have a look and if you like what you see, to photograph it.


Those works can tell you a lot about the city you’re visiting and their shape, colour and creativity will add some variety to your other photographs of the more customary tourist sights and attractions.


Photo and post by: Simon Vaughan




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