The Third Great Adventure Quiz

26 08 2008

Right-side up or upside down?    (Hyena, Serengeti, Tanzania)

Identify the following… 



1) Tangyanika


a) The local name for Kilimanjaro

b) The former name of Tanzania

c) A South Pacific dish of shark wrapped in banana leaves

d) The last king of Lesotho

e) A legendary Japanese sumo wrestler



2) Kuku Paka


a) A Tanzanian/Indian fusion dish of chicken and potato

b) A Polynesian dug-out canoe

c) A long-tailed weaver bird found in Belize

d) A Mayan solstice festival

e) A province of western Pakistan


3) Bongo


a)     An African forest antelope

b)     A type of percussion instrument

c)     The first president of Gabon

d)     A mixed tropical fruit drink

e)     All of the above


4) Siam


a) A Dr Seuss character from Green Eggs and Ham

b) Former name of Thailand

c) The colonial capital of Laos

d) Popeye’s response when asked if he was the Sailorman

e) A type of salamander


5) Bubu Tigre


a) The Surinamese maroon name for a jaguar

b) A river delta in southern Iraq

c) An ancient Cambodian dance

d) The first female president of Vanuatu

e) A mythical monster found in the jungles of Brazil



Photo and post by: Simon Vaughan


Answers: 1b, 2a, 3e, 4b, 5a   – Photo is upside down




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