The Second Great Adventure Quiz

18 08 2008

Right-side up or upside down?        (Matusadona, Zimbabwe)

Identify the following:


1) Salisbury


a) A meat dish made of ground pork, carrots and corn

b) The pre-independence name of Tonga

c) The capital of Rhodesia

d) The first governor of New Zealand

e) An English county



2) Ushuaia


a) The third largest Island of Japan

b) The Incan word for a Tsunami

c) Argentina’s southern-most city & gateway to the Antarctic

d) The name of Mother Earth

e) The highest mountain on New Zealand’s North Island



3) Formosa


a) A type of laminate covering

b) The Spanish name for Guinea Bissau

c) One of the Canary Islands

d) The capital of Sierra Leone

e) The former name of Taiwan



4) Abyssinia


a) The fifth highest mountain in the Himalayas

b) The former name of Ethiopia

c) The Italian Duke who led the first successful summit of K2

d) The ancient name for Syria

e) The name of Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s cat in the Bond films



5) Seretse Khama


a) The first president of independent Botswana

b) An island atoll near the Maldives

c) A classic dish from Goa of coconut curry and swordfish

d) The Luo name for Lake Victoria

e) The banned sequel to the Kama Sutra



Photo and post by: Simon Vaughan



Answers: 1c, 2c, 3e, 4b, 5a  – Photo is upside down




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