Travel Photography 101 15/18

15 08 2008

Confessions, musings and tips from a snap-happy wanderer.

Flight 101 arriving at gate 7. Luggage will follow tomorrow at gate 5. (Los Angeles, CA)

Always have your camera ready, even in airports.


With security tighter than ever, you should always use commonsense when taking photographs in airports and as is the case anywhere, be respectful of other people’s privacy if snapping candid photos of strangers. However, you don’t have to be an aircraft buff to get good photographs at an airport. You are trapped in a confined area for several hours with little to do but buy ridiculously expensive food, shop for things you don’t need or stare at the departures board. So, go for a wander and look for good photograph opportunities. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find!


Photo and post by: Simon Vaughan




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