The First Great Adventure Traveller Quiz

7 08 2008

Are you an Adventure Traveller?



1 – When you think of “Going south to lie on a beach”, do you picture…


a) Heading to Florida and renting a condominium for a week

b) Taking a week off work, sitting at home and applying ‘tan in a bottle’ while watching Oprah re-runs

c) Crossing the Drake Passage in an expedition ship and photographing penguins in the Antarctic



2 – When someone says they’re “going hiking”, do you think of…


a) Walking to the beer store

b) Flying to Peru and trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

c) Renting the summer cottage furthest from the golf course



3 – When you say you are going to “get close to nature”, do you intend to…


a) Go camping in Alaska, watching grizzlies fishing for salmon and listening to wolf howls

b) Drunkenly run naked through a field of daisies chased by the local police department

c) Sit on your friend’s deck eating granola, serenaded by the cicadas



4 – When you tell your co-workers that you are going “on safari” during your vacation, do you mean…


a) Fulfilling a life-long dream by visiting the Serengeti and Masai Mara

b) Stocking up on energy drinks and heading to the 2-for-1 sale at the local Shoe Emporium

c) Taking the children to the Wildlife Park for a picnic



5 – When someone says they’re going “on a cruise”, what springs to mind…


a) Hiring the paddle boat for two hours

b) Exploring the islands of the Caribbean in the outside upper Conquistador Cabin

c) Boarding a Russian icebreaker to reach the North Pole



6 – When you want to spend your 35th birthday “mountain climbing”, do you…


a) Embark on a 21-day trek to Everest Base Camp

b) Take a bottle of champagne and your significant other to the top of the highest hill for sunset

c) Put on your sweat pants and sort out the pile of dirty laundry



7 – An adventurous trip to “the market” means…


a) Heading to Chinatown for some Ginseng

b) Heading to the corner shop to buy a raspberry-mango slushy

c) Heading to China to choose between fried grasshoppers or pickled duck embryos



8 – Your idea of engaging in “extreme sports” is…


a) Skydiving from 15,000 feet over the Great Barrier Reef

b) Watching the High-Definition coverage of beach volleyball instead of curling

c) Riding the inflatable banana on your next trip to the beach



9 – The most “exotic” food you would ever consider trying is…


a) The green Thai curry from the local food court

b) Roasted widgety grubs in the Australian Outback

c) A shamrock shake



10 – “Going fishing” means…


a) Hanging around the water cooler for some juicy office gossip

b) Visiting the local pond with a fishing rod and your iPod

c) Catching piranha with the Akurio people of the Amazon to cook for dinner



Results: If you have to ask…



Photo and post by: Simon Vaughan




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