Travel Photography 101 17/18

18 07 2008

Confessions, musings and tips from a snap-happy wanderer.


Vatican 1
Don’t stair!                           (The Vatican)

Even if the light is low, it’s still worth a shot.


For the longest time, I did not have a flash and because of this I often never bothered to even attempt photographs if light was low. Because of my hesitation, I missed hundreds of good shots over the years, especially indoors. Eventually, finding myself in a particularly beautiful medieval hall with a vaulted ceiling, I decided to take a snap anyway. What was the worst that could happen…a single wasted frame?


The result was a photograph that still ranks amongst my favourites today. If you don’t have a flash or a tripod, still give it a go. The most important thing is to keep the camera as steady as possible. Lean against a pillar, brace your elbows against your body, use a folded jacket as a pillow or lean on a wall or bench…and fire away. You may be as pleasantly surprised by the results as I was several years ago.


Photo and post by: Simon Vaughan © 2008




One response

19 07 2008

steady camera is easier said than done. now I know why some folks insist on a tripod. stable platform

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