Photography 101 10/18

24 06 2008

Confessions, musings and tips from a snap-happy wanderer 

Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial, Washington DC


The early bird gets the photo.


It’s always nice to have a long lie-in when on vacation, but the rewards of getting up early and heading out with your camera far outweigh the extra rest. The streets, beaches and monuments are quieter just after dawn with fewer people to clutter your compositions. The great cinematographer Jack Cardiff called twilight the “Magic Hour” because of the excellent light it provides, a light that is gentle, casts soft shadows and muted pastels. Your photos will be far more atmospheric than those taken in the glare of the midday sun and, unjostled by other tourists, you have the time to think about your shots and compose them just the way you like.


Photo and post by: Simon Vaughan © 2008




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