Lessons Learned The Hard Way – No. 18

4 06 2008

Beware of hotel porters.


We checked in late one evening for a single night stay during a brief stopover. The hotel was a very nice centrally located 5-star property booked at a considerably non 5-star price for a run-of-the-hotel room. As promised, we arrived late and reception explained that the only room left was a suite. We hid our excitement and nodded understandingly, just somewhat disappointed that we’d be there for barely 12 hours to enjoy it.


The front desk rang the bell, a porter suddenly appeared, took the room card, glanced at the room number and straightened up noticeably. He bowed his head reverently, smiled smarmingly and ushered us across the spacious lobby towards the elevators. With a snap of his fingers he conjured up a second porter to carry our luggage and subtly gestured for them to take a separate conveyance. Upon arrival on our floor, he shepherded us towards the end of the hall and opened the door to reveal a very large corner suite.


The grand treatment continued once in the room as he spent the next few minutes elaborately explaining the function of every switch and dial in the room, from the lights, to the air conditioning, to the television and even the shower, bath and toilet. His fawning attention to us was almost disconcerting. He drew back the curtains and pointed out the city’s landmarks…in the dark…and elaborately presented the room service menu. He handed us a card and said that if we required anything at all during our stay, just to call him.


Before he left, walking backwards so as not to turn his back on us, he stopped and mentioned that the lounge was on the 15th floor.


“The lounge?” we enquired.


“Yes, you would have been given a card for it when you checked-in…access to it comes with the suite.” he explained


“We were only given this room because it was the only thing available…” we attempted to answer, but before we could even finish our sentence he had turned on his heel, harrumphed disdainfully and stormed out of the room with a slam of the door.



Post by:  Simon Vaughan © 2008




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