Lessons Learned the Hard Way: No. 4

22 04 2008

Automated kiosks at airports are a fast and easy way to check-in, but kindly ensure that you concentrate when completing the process.


Having used the kiosks many times before and in an effort to impresAutomated s the rookies behind me with my jet-setting prowess, I whizzed my way through the procedure…until the red light began to flash, a warning box popped-up on the screen, the computer shut-down, and I was instructed to speak to an airline representative immediately. I gathered my documents and sheepishly headed for the counter.


The airline agent and his security guard assistant surveyed me warily, before coolly and cautiously demanding to know what explosives I was carrying.


Apparently, in my over-confident haste, I had inadvertently declared that I was carrying dangerous goods. I fortunately avoided the strip search and free trip to Guantanamo and was eventually able to convince them of my innocence and my error, and permitted to check-in.


I am now the person who uses the terminals extremely slowly and reads each and every word by following it across the screen with my fingertip, reading out loud letter-by-letter, line-by-line.


Post by: Simon Vaughan © 2008




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