Lessons Learned the Hard Way: #3

27 03 2008

Kindly ensure that you always check current rates of exchange before visiting ATM machines or cashing traveller’s cheques in developing countries. Thinking I would save myself further bother later, I once exchanged $50 in an Arusha bank and found myself staring at a 5-inch high stack of Tanzanian shillings. Even after sticking wads of them in each pocket, down my belt and into the tops of my boots, I still had a bunch left over and a very long and very nervous walk back to my campsite!


Post by: Simon Vaughan © 2008




One response

23 06 2009

You would be crazy to use travellers cheques in Brazil. Even in major cities it is hard to find anywhere to cash them. If you do find somewhere expect a bad deal. I would recommend using a credit card. If you are worried about security get a pre-pay top up card, or perhaps more than one (a visa and a mastercard). That advice is in case you loose one. Also, because shopes and restaurnats sometimes take one or other, not both. AMEX and Diners Club etc are as unpopular as Travellers checks.
Travelling in Brazil? See http://recife.pearltravelguides.com

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