TRAVEL QUIZ: Can you speak Kiwi?

26 01 2008

The rugged isolation and incredible natural beauty of Aotearoa are perfectly complemented by the laid back, inclusive vibe of the New Zealanders.  The mélange of native Maori traditions, British influence, and a good dose of shoulder rubbing (and ribbing) with the Aussies has created a culture quite unique in the world.  This is most obvious whenever Kiwis open their mouths.

Keep track of your answers and come back tomorrow for the answers, your score, and one more reason to go to New Zealand!

1. You are at a barbeque at Piha beach and your mate Jaime says you’d better
slip-slop-slap. Quick, grab the:
A. dog’s leash
B. Wattie’s tomatoe sauce
C. sunblock
D. ice cream spoons

2. True or False: You would find a waka in the water.

3. Like Aussies, New Zealanders love to abbreviate. Can you translate these popular words?

Krissy Pressy

4. If you are a POM, where do you live?

5. You overhear this conversation at a pub on Cuba Street in Wellington:

“Kia Ora, how’re you going?”
“I’m a box of fluffies, mate, a box of birds, and I’ll be ABF when I can get some piss!”

Should you notify security?

6. You wear your togs to dinner at SkyCity in Auckland. Why is everyone laughing?

7. Before the start of each rugby game the All Blacks do the _____________.

8. Which is NOT a popular food in the Land of the Long White Cloud?
A. Lime milk
B. Bean sandwiches
C. Paua fritter                            *BONUS*   What is a paua?
D. Spaghetti for breakfast
E. Concentrated meat yeast       *BONUS*   What is the name of this spread?
F. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

9. You arrive with your friends in Rotorua and there are heaps of dodgy muppets at the Hangi. Are you good as gold?

10. You are shopping at the Otara market for your Maori friend Steve who has given you a list of things to buy.  What do you need?

Red jandels
Hundreds and thousands
Three Capsicum
Strawberry Jelly
Bin Liners
One pound of kumaras

11. You have been invited to your cousin’s bach in the wop-wops. Do you pack an evening gown?

12. True or False: A long black, short black, and flat white are types of sheep.

13. You and your friends are headed out for a tiki tour and have a chilly bin. Do you fill it with Tuis or Keas?

14. You are all roped up to bungee jump off the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown and at the last minute you chicken out and can’t do it.  This makes you a:
a. Right Joe
b. Piker
c. Hard Case

15. Your flatmate Ian is leaving the Big Smoke for his OE.  Will he take a bus or a plane?

Come back tomorrow for the answers and your score!




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