9 01 2008

Zorbing is yet another New Zealand invention, in the same crazy gang as the bungee, the jetboat, and the tranquilizer gun. What is a Zorb, you ask? There is only one TRUE way to find out:

1. Grab some friends and buy plane tickets to New Zealand. Call The Adventure Travel Company at 1(800) 467-4595.

2. Take a bus ( or rent a car ( and drive to Rotorua, one of four major geothermal hotspots in the world.

3. Have a pint of ale at the Pig And Whistle pub, a converted police station. Have another.

4. Catch a ride to the Agrodome, about 10 kilometers outside of Rotorua. Get there early and you can also experience bungee, agrojet, helipro, swoop, freefall xtreme, tours of the night sky, and hands-on sheep farming. You think I’m making this up? Go to:

5. Arrive at the Zorbing Base, and change into your provided Zorbonaut Gear. Go to the bathroom (NOT optional).

6. Decide the nature of your Zorbing experience: Solo or with friends? Wet or dry? Straight or zigzag? You choose: Wet and with friends, of course, straight down the 2oo meter hill for the thrill of speed.

7. Ride the wicked 4WD to the top of the Zorbing hill. Try not to fall out of the bouncing vehicle as the driver laughs like a maniac.

8. While the Zorbing assistant holds the Zorb steady, back up and take a running dive into a 2′ hole in the gigantic plastic ball filled with about 10 gallons of water. Try not to dive head-first into your friend already in the giant bouncy sphere, and get out of the way so that your other friend doesn’t dive head-first into you.

9. Take a deep breath, and…

10. ZORB!!! The big ball you are in is zipped closed and pushed off the side of the hill. It is like being in a giant washing machine, and you and your friends are the dirty socks. Dirty socks who laugh the whole way down, that is, all the way to the bottom until they are dumped out the zippered hole with the water, to much applause and clicking cameras.

11. Run back around and do it all again! And again! And again!

12. Now go experience the rest of New Zealand, Zorbonaut!

2007-rotorua-to-raglan-002.jpg 2007-rotorua-to-raglan-003.jpg 2007-rotorua-to-raglan-004.jpg

Shilo Urban




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